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Ginseng Cream

Leaves your skin feeling smooth fairness and resilience

This unique skin cream contains the active ingredients from Ginseng and other essential nutrients can:

Promote skin metabolism
Increase the skin cell activity and elasticity
Prolong the life span of skin cell
Hydrate and smooth the skin in deep layer
Protect the skin from the harsh environment injury

Directions: Apply the desired amount of Ginseng Cream to your face or neck twice a day after your cleansing, massage for a while to get best result.

Night Cream
Leaves your skin clear and supple.
Diminishes the intensity of wrinkles.
Disperses discoloration and blemishes.

Water, Pearl Powder, Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, Honey and Extracts of Ginseng, Typhonium Root, Bletilla Rhizome, Licorice and Crocus Flower.

Smooth a small amount on the face before bedtime.

Magic Cream Skin Revitalization Treatment
During the first week, skin will feel dry and tight with fine lines or slight rash. You may experience slight itching and irritations. This may last 10 - 15 days (varies between individuals). The irritation will fade away and you will start to feel the difference and gain your confidence.

The cream is still effective at this time. Your skin gradually adapts to the moisturizer. You may not feel the irritation at all. The moisturizer works in harmony with your skin, making it younger-looking. It replenishes and builds your skin a natural look around the clock.

After finishing the bottle in 40 days, you will feel the difference, with the rich, emollient and protective formula and moisture infusion, which eases dryness and tightness. When used regularly, skin will look softer, smoother with a luminous glow and with less visible lines. Tests have shown a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines, a dramatic improvement in skin appearance and the highest skin compatibility. The formula also helps protect against skin damage and premature aging.

After cleaning your face at night, place the moisturizer in your palm and dilute into wet palms. Next, gently pat your face and eye area. Pat your problem areas twice with extra cream.

BE AWARE: Avoid eating spicy foods and use warm water to cleanse your face.



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